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Make business VoIP calls via Cloud PBX

Are YOU still:

  • Maintaining an old physical PBX system in your office?

  • Struggling to configure multiple incoming calls?

  • Paying maintenance costs on top of calls and line rental?

  • Missing professional features such as IVR and Call Recorders?

Let Yay.com free you from this hassle

Use a feature-rich Cloud PBX for your business calls

Switch to Cloud PBX, and reap these amazing benefits!

Our Cloud PBX service is a powerful and flexible way to manage the incoming and outgoing calls to your business using the power of VoIP. You don’t require any hardware and can access your service at anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection. With a powerful dashboard that allows you to update and change your call forwarding within seconds, you’ll have full control of your calls.

Choose a plan and move to The Cloud

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