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CRM Integration (Click To Dial)

CRM Integration (Click To Dial)

Automatically dial phone numbers with just a single click.

  • Configure the ability to make calls from a single click of text, button or image online.
  • Increase productivity and save time spent manually dialing or copy and pasting phone numbers.
  • Popular integrations include CRM and EPOS systems.

Click to dial, also known as click to call or click to talk, offers the ability to request and make calls in real-time via VoIP just by clicking disignated text on a website, a button or image. A common integration of this feature is with CRM systems or web browsers where a single click can automatically dial a phone number via your VoIP phone or app. Easily configured at API level, for organisations with high volumes of outgoing calls, customer support or sales environments this feature can help save time spent manually dialling phone numbers by just clicking the number on-screen.

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