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Free bulk domain transfers – Easy and hassle-free

Enter the domain and the authorisation code separated by a comma. Hit 'Enter' for a new line. If you don't have an auth code, just type in the domain on one line.

  • Free Domain Transfers

    Free Domain Transfers

    Just pay for an additional year's renewal, and your domain transfer is on us! Transfer your domains to and from us for free. Even pre-propagate your DNS with us before transferring for zero downtime.

  • Concierge Service

    Concierge Service

    Fully managed bulk domain transfers. Our knowledgeable team will take care of all aspects of the transfer process from start to finish, safely ensuring problem-free transfers for you. Contact us now to arrange this service.

  • UK Transfers for Free

    .UK Transfers for Free

    Transfer your .UK domain names to us for Free. Enjoy bulk features, as well as easy DNS configuration and domain privacy. All you need is your registrar IPS-TAG to transfer your .uk, .co.uk, org.uk and .me uk domains to us.

  • Powerful Domain Features

    Powerful Domain Features

    Experience powerful and easily manageable domain features, including bulk name server, DNS and domain contact management. We make it simple to manage your domains and connect to your email and websites with ease.

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Looking to buy a new domain name for your business? Or simply want to add to your personal portfolio? Use our domain name search to find your ideal domains today.

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We are ICANN accredited and directly contracted for all of the domain extensions (TLD's) we offer and manage

Domain Backorders

Finding the perfect domain name can be difficult, especially if someone else has already registered the one you want!

Thankfully thousands of domains are dropped every year, which means there’s a chance your dream domain might be one of them!

At Yay.com we want to make your life easier, so we have introduced our backorder service to help you acquire the domains you want, as soon as they become available.

Domain Backorders
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